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This series of books, written by Alan Dean Foster, novelize the animated adventures
of Star Trek. They are very well written, and have been re-issued several times.
Many editions are still available from your local bookstore or online.

Viewmaster issued a regular and talking version of "Mr. Spock's Time Trek",
an adaption of the TAS episode "Yesteryear". I found them both on Ebay.

These glasses were issued by Dr. Pepper in 1976.

Artist: John Moore

Artist: Ian McLean

Artist: Ian McLean

Playmates never issued any TAS figures, but that hasn't stopped some very talented
Trekkers from customizing their own. Above are Thelin, Arex, and Mress.

Owner: Kent

Owner: Kent

Kent Karemaker owns these two production cels. The first is of an aged Kirk from
"The Lorelie Signal", the other is Sord from "The Jihad".

Uhura, Adm. April, and an Orion pirate.

Kirk, Spock, and Scotty.

Above are my personal collection of production cels.

This is my Limited Edition cel "At The Helm".

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