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Completed issues

Perils of Waves and War
(Animated Voyages #1)

An investigation into the disappearances of two Starfleet vessels quickly escalates into a confrontation of galactic proportions for Captain O'Shea and the crew of the Starhaven. Written & illustrated
by Jon Markiewitz

Debut 12-11-14

Eyes of New Harvest
(Animated Voyages #2)

Captain O'Shea returns to a home he once knew, only to find secrets revealed from a people known solely from myths and legends. Written & illustrated
by Jon Markiewitz

Debut 5-06-15

Upon the Outward World
(Animated Voyages #3)

An unlikely alliance confronts the force responsible for powering the distortion waves and transporter anomalies. Written & illustrated
by Jon Markiewitz

Debut Oct 2015

A Taste of the Arrow
(Animated Voyages #4)

With a plot to overthrow the Federation and Romulus in full swing, the galaxy's fate could already be sealed. Written & illustrated
by Jon Markiewitz

Debut March 2016

Better Safe Than Sauria
(Issue #11)

The pursuit of a deadly impostor and
saboteur leads the Enterprise crew to one
of the Federation's most dangerous worlds.
Debut 9-8-13
Completed 09-05-14

Murder On Tuesday
(Issue #10)

Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock must solve
a mystery at a galactic science exhibition.
Debuted 7-10-11
Completed 11-02-12

Dearly Departed
(Issue #9)

Captain Jack Carter and Engineer
Smithfield face ghosts from their pasts
while Commander Tacket and
Lieutenant-Commander Prescott
struggle to free the Starship Farragut.
Released 1-24-10

The Patient Parasites
(Issue #8)

Captain Kirk struggles to challenge "Finder",
for the lives of his crewmen.
Released 3-17-06

Author of the Star Trek: TAS episode
"How Sharper Than a Serpents Tooth".

Like Father, Like Son
(Issue #7)

Academy cadet James T. Kirk and his
father George are ordered to help
recapture three escaped convicts from
a war-torn alien world.
Released 7-17-05

For Death or Glory
(Special Issue #1)

The Crew of the Enterprise teams up
with Captain Garrovick and the Exeter
to uncover a plot that threatens to bring
the Romulan Empire and the Federation
to the brink of war.
Released 8-22-04


Home is Not a Place
(Issue #6)

Ensign M'Ress and the crew of the
Starship Exeter, must unlock a deadly
secret between the secretive Caitians
and the deadly Gorn.
Released 2-26-04

The Heads of the Hydrae (Issue #5)
The Klingons and Romulans are on
the verge of war, Kirk and Spock
have been captured by the enemy, and
McCoy must face his long lost daughter.
Released 10-22-03

To Dance With The Devil (Issue #4)
Consumed by the power of the Galactic
Barrier, Kang's wife is set on total
Domination. Can Captain Kirk join
forces with his deadliest enemy
to save the galaxy?
Released 7-13-03

Tigers of Heaven
(Issue #3)

Ambassador Sarek's summit with the
Kzinti leads the Enterprise crew
into a sinister plot involving a
shadowy branch of Starfleet, and
their shape shifting spy.
Released 3-23-03

Nature to Eternity
(Issue #2)

Captain Kirk's mind is under attack.
Will Spock learn the Romulan secret
before it is too late?
Released 12-2-02

(Issue #1)

Spock must time travel into his own
childhood to save history. But will
he be able to protect his younger
self from the deadly Vulcan wilderness?
Released 4-7-02

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