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Written by Kail Tescar and Kenneth Gleim

Alien character design and artwork by Masao Okazaki

CG Enterprise pictures by Raul Quiles Jr.

Produced By Kail Tescar

Shaded cover art Created by: Reverend

Planet backgrounds courtesy of Sony Online Games

Star Trek and all it's characters are the property of Paramount Pictures.
startrekanimated.com and all it's content, were created as a hobby.
No copyright infringement is intented.


Courtesy of the Trek BBS Art Forum

PAGE 6 -
Kahless 24000 - LoneGunGirl

PAGE 12 -
Venus drug - Kail
Vulcan salute Brace - Masao Okazaki
Multiple Techniques - James Hodge
Starfleet Wigs - Masao Okazaki
Your Agonizer, please - Masao Okazaki
Build Your Own Starship - Captain Robert April
Asteroid Deflector - Masao Okazaki

PAGE 18 -
Holo-Addiction - Klaus

PAGE 24 -
You Can Be Logical- Horta the Vorta
Calcified Humanoid Icosahedrons - Horta the Vorta
Fight Aliens - Venardhi
Horny and alone? - Masao Okazaki
Real Ceti Eels - Kenneth Gleim
Spy "Pen" - Horta the Vorta
Fizzbin Cards - Kenneth Gleim
Mechanical Rice Picker - Kazeite
Guardian of Forever - Kazeite
Remove Ridges - Masao Okazaki

PAGE 34 -
Moon Shuttle Conductor - Kail
Ushaan Master - Ushaan
United Colors - Babbletechy
Pon Farr - Masao Okazaki

PAGE 45 -
Starfleet Surplus - Ptrope

PAGE 52 -
Sluggo Cola - Termis The Vorta
Enter The Blue - USS Glenn
Reset Button - BJ
Yoyodyne - Forbin

Many thanks to everyone who particapated!!!

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